Advice for Your First Season of Synchro

Joining a synchro team is exciting no matter where you are in your skating journey. Many people start skating in other disciplines before trying synchro. Some skaters start synchro early on, while others may not find or pursue the discipline until later. Synchro is such a unique type of skating, combining all the disciplines and bringing skaters together in a team environment. Wondering how to make the most of your first year? No matter what age or level you start at, here are some tips shared by the synchro community for you:


  1. The transition to synchro can be a bit of a learning curve. Take any feedback coaches and teammates have; they want the best for you!


  1. As you start synchro, be patient. It takes time and practice to get used to skating with other skaters close by, while focusing intently on unison and learning new synchro elements and terms.


  1. Lean on your teammates for support! Having teammates is one of the best parts about synchro!


  1. Work hard. Having a good work ethic is so important in synchro. Even if you’re not totally comfortable with the new elements yet, coaches will notice your effort!


  1. Be a student of the sport, and of the process. Ask questions when you’re unsure; coaches prefer that you ask instead of not knowing what to do.


  1. Bond with your team! Social activities outside of practice and competition help you build a connection with your teammates off the ice. This connection and trust helps you perform better on the ice.


  1. Watch videos of your team and other teams to get a better sense of the elements and moves that are a part of synchro skating. Watching these videos can also help you stay motivated!


  1. Don’t give up! Transitioning to synchro can take a lot of perseverance because of all the new aspects of the discipline. In time, it will feel natural, we promise!


  1. Make memories and enjoy all of the experiences that you have with your team! Some of the best times come from competitions and training.


  1. Have fun!!! Synchro is such an awesome sport that bonds people together, and provides a creative, athletic outlet, in a fun and challenging environment.


Bonus! Find and attend a synchro camp in the summer! Synchro camps provide a great way to learn about the sport and refine your skills with amazing coaches and fellow skaters. Many camps, like the OneTeamMVMT camps, even welcome skaters who have never tried synchro and are curious about trying it out.


OneTeamMVMT has lots of resources available to skaters. Be sure to check them out on our website!

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