A New Collection of GIFs Now Available for Synchro-Enthusiasts on Instagram

Press Release: Nov 18, 2019

This month sees the long-anticipated synchronized skating GIF and GIF Stickers hit social media, a project spearheaded by OneTeamMVMT (OTM). Fans will be excited to share the growing collection of synchro GIFs across Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. The initial launch includes 20 GIFs featuring animated synchro skaters, a few favourite synchro sayings, and animated OneTeamMVMT logos.




OneTeamMVMT multi-media developer Theresa Marka shared her thoughts on the project; “GIFs make it easier to communicate on social media, [because] you don’t have to fumble for words. They’re fun, trendy and easy to share and consume; something every brand should have, to be able to showcase their personality and mission in a really individualized way.”


This new collection of synchronized skating GIF stickers allows Instagram users to add synchro-inspired animations to their Instagram stories. Several users have already shared videos of their on-ice trainings, adding GIFs around the themes of “I Love Synchro” or “One Team One Dream,” among others.


About this launch, OTM President Lisa Carriere (nee Miadovnik) commented, “Releasing these synchro-specific GIFs is a big moment for our sport. Historically, you could search “synchro” in Instagram GIFs and some swimmers would come up, but nothing for synchronized skating. If we are talking about raising awareness of the sport, this is a great way to garner attention. People can now search synchro, and instead of just seeing swimmers, you see skaters as well, which we hope will pique interest and get people learning more about the sport.” Theresa Marka added, “having the opportunity to build synchro GIFs was really exciting because now our community can increase awareness of our amazing sport in a quick, easy, and fun way!”


To access the first installation of synchro GIFs, Instagram users can search the terms synchro, synchronized skatingOneTeamMVMT, or certain related terms in the GIF section of Instagram. You can also search these terms on giphy.com in either the GIF or Sticker category. More synchro-specific GIFs are set to release in the near future.



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