10 Tips for Training in the Off Season

10 Tips for Training in the Off-Season


The "off-season" in synchro is a time between competition seasons, and often a time when teams will take a break from their regular training. Typically falling between March/April and September, it is not necessarily a time when athletes are off the ice, but a time when they can focus on things other than upcoming performances and competitions. It is a very important time for athletes because it allows you to develop your skills and strengths, while giving your body and mind a break from the regular season. It’s a time to increase fitness, recover, and get prepared for the upcoming season! 

On our instagram story, we asked the OneTeamMVMT community to share advice and helpful tips to maximize the off-season and prepare for the upcoming season. Here is what they had to say:


1. Put in the work during off-season so the results show during the regular season. By increasing your fitness level during the off-season, it is easier to maintain the required level of fitness during the regular season. The season is long and hard, so spread the physical workload out.


2. Try following a program or plan. By having a plan for off-season training, you can train with a purpose and maximize the benefits. Having a plan also allows you to spend extra time improving your specific weaknesses. Training plans can increase motivation and productivity.


3. Find a buddy to train with! Training with a friend can make it extra fun and gives you a partner to keep you accountable.


4. Try some fun and interactive equipment and programs such as the Peloton, or other group fitness classes.


5. Incorporate activities into your daily routine to improve flexibility, balance, and control, such as yoga, stretching, dance, or martial arts. You can even find free classes on YouTube!


6. Cardio training is a very important part of building up stamina! Try some different cardio activities such as swimming, running, biking, skipping, climbing stairs, or kickboxing.


7. Set goals for your off-season, and track your progress! This is a good way to gain motivation.


8. Stay consistent with your off-season training. This is the best way to see progress.


9. The off-season is not only a time to think about physical health but also your mental health. Try activities such as yoga or meditation to decompress and relax your mind.


10. HAVE FUN! The off-season is time to try new things and work toward your goals. It is also a time to enjoy a break from your typical schedule; it is important to give yourself a break, so that you can miss skating and return to the season refreshed and excited! Enjoying the off-season will help you appreciate how much you love being with your team... so be sure to make time to do some things you love!
What are some other tips for maximizing the off-season? Leave a comment below!
Stay tuned for next week's community blog, with tips for skating at a new level in synchro!


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