#Theother90 - An Introduction


The Other 90 Featuring An Introduction to the value of Off-Season Training

Synchronized skating requires excellent fitness; strength, power, flexibility, and endurance. It also requires a strong mindset and mental capacity to persist through daily challenges. Preparation for competition is what athletes spend 90% of their time and efforts on, but most spectators only ever see the final 10%. It takes an extreme amount of effort to look effortless, and this is what #OneTeamMVMT will be highlighting over the next few weeks. We invite you to join us by using the hashtag #theother90 to show the world what goes into the complex discipline of #synchroskating.

The competitive season for synchronized skating typically takes place between the months of October-April, but can vary slightly worldwide, depending on level and division. One of the many training aspects that synchronized skating shares with all Olympic-level sports, is the intensity and importance of the off-season; the time of year when athletes are not competing, but they are still training. Synchronized skating often demands athletes to train year-round, whether an athlete has decided what team they will be skating for and has started team practices, or is training individually until team practices begin.

The next series of blog posts from OneTeamMVMT will be dedicated to shining a light on some of the off-season training that teams are doing as part of #theother90, as well as insights from some of the most experienced physical/fitness trainers from around the world, as they work with synchronized skating athletes. If you know an expert off-ice instructor who should be featured, or want your team to be highlighted, send an email to oneteammvmt@gmail.com with the subject: #theother90. You can also use the #theother90 to view all synchro-related on and off season training, or to share your behind-the-scenes hard work with the world.


#theother90 Led by: Nicole Buddie, Victoria Buddie & Lisa Miadovnik


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