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About OTM (est. 2016)

OneTeamMVMT creates opportunities for girls and boys via the female-driven team sport of synchronized skating. We unite and empower the synchronized skating community, in order to grow the sport worldwide. What does this mean exactly? It means we create a safe place for people to come together and ask for help, or share their expertise, or brainstorm what we as a community, can do to assist in the Olympic Goal for synchronized skating. Through grassroots initiatives such as development camps, community activities, and virtual mentorship, we promote sportsmanship and encourage collaboration so we can elevate the sport as ONE TEAM. We are stronger together, and this is what #OneTeamMVMT is all about.

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A snapshot of what we do:

Year 1

Gained federal not-for-profit status in Canada, in November 2016; began selling t-shirts as a way to visually unite the synchro community, and donated 50% of the initial proceeds to synchronized skating teams. By the end of Y1, 1500+ community members in 15 countries owned our signature t-shirts. T-shirt sales funded our way into synchro competitions, to promote sportsmanship via poster-signing activities and a global flashmob, seen and performed by 10,000+ skaters, fans and judges. Through community consultation, we discovered there was a need for greater Awareness outside of the sport, and Education & Connection within the sport.

Year 2

We hosted our first 2 synchronized skating development camps in USA and Canada. 3000+ community members in 22 Countries are now rocking signature OTM apparel. We hosted skate giveaways and other activations to benefit the synchro community at the Junior and Senior World Championships and beyond!

Year 3

400 individuals participated in OTM camps across 3 countries; Australia, USA, and Canada. Our first-ever Australasia camp was supported by the International Skating Union, and delivered in partnership with Ice Skating Australia and New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association. Our community-based activities reached 40,000 skaters and fans at events in Canada, USA, Finland, France, United Kingdom, and Netherlands. 

Year 4

In lieu of the pandemic, we pivoted to virtual offerings to support our community. 2700 participants joined our FREE virtual camp in April 2020. We fundraised for UNICEF's global relief efforts to aid children through the COVID-19 pandemic, and hosted over 100 virtual synchro off-ice classes to support the ongoing development of skaters and coaches during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, we organized free community activities at Synchro Nationals in Canada and the USA, and at the Junior World Championships in Nottingham, and various regional competitions organized by ambassadors in Canada, USA, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Year 5

Virtual programs continue; 3 Skating Federations (Skate Canada, French Federation of Ice Sports, and New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association) supported their teams to participate in our virtual off-ice programming. OTM partnered with Jura Synchro to launch "Faces of Synchro" to highlight diversity and promote inclusivity in our sport. In May 2021 we hosted the first virtual showcase featuring performances from over 100 synchro teams in a 60-minute choreographed show, with a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales supporting participating teams.

Year 6

Launched the Global Ambassador Program with Senior Skaters from 18 teams and 15 countries, working to bridge the gap between developmental- and elite-level synchro, and inspiring the next generation of the sport. Returned to in-person camps with 3 camps in 3 new cities (in Alberta, Quebec, and Newfoundland) and secured funding to offer financial assistance for select camp attendees, on an application-basis. Received over $30,000 in grant funding to hire Canadian youth to assist on OneTeamMVMT projects. Partnered with Maison du Patin, a local Canadian skating apparel company, for fundraising merchandise and fulfillment.

Year 7

Hosted the first “Fan Choice Awards” for synchronized skating, with over 36,000 votes choosing the top moments in synchronized skating from the previous year. Maintained the Global Ambassador Program while organizing a 50/50 fundraiser supporting teams attending the 2023 Senior World Championships. Organized 3 development camps, in Ontario, Alberta, and Wisconsin, with camp subsidies available in select locations. Offered IG live classes with our Global Synchro Ambassadors, and launched the first season of our podcast, The Sound of Synchro. We partnered with Team Amber Junior in Latvia, for content creation for the 2022-2023 season, and also partnered with Sheridan International Business students to complete project work. In total, our organization was awarded $65,000 in grant funds, to provide Canadian Youth valuable work experiences through our organization's diverse projects.

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