16 Reasons to Try Synchro

Ask anyone in the synchro community "Why join synchro?", and you're met with one of two responses; either a quick and enthusiastic reply, or a look that says "Where do I even begin?!"

At OneTeamMVMT, part of our mission is to grow synchronized skating around the world, which involves spreading awareness of the GREAT reasons to join synchro. We asked our community for their input, and here were the top answers we received (view the PDF here!)

  1. The friendships you create with your teammates last a lifetime. They become your extended family, providing a support system in good times and in bad.
  2. The feeling you get after achieving a goal is multiplied because it's shared with your teammates and best friends!
  3. It provides opportunities for more people to enjoy the sport of figure skating, no matter your age.
  4. It is a unique sport that makes you extra unique for doing it!
  5. It empowers you to believe your an accomplish what you put your mind to, with hard work and dedication.
  6. Synchro instills a foundation of teamwork, discipline, and coachability from an early age, which will help you not only in sport, but in life.
  7. Synchro give you a healthy escape and helps you cope with life's stresses.
  8. Since your goals are shred and supported by your teammates, there is less competition between peers, and instead, you build greater confidence and self-efficacy.
  9. The energy at synchro competitions! It's like a big party where so many people cheer for you!
  10. The friendly bond between teams helps build a community of growth, strength, sportsmanship, and respect.
  11. It gives you the opportunity to do what you love, with people that you love!
  12. It teaches athletic skills that are transferrable to other skating disciplines and sports, and you get to learn while having fun!
  13. The beautiful and unique costumes are exciting to skate in, and makes the sport truly beautiful to watch.
  14. It combines all of the figure skating disciplines in one, while also having unique elements like blocks, lines, circles, wheels and intersections.
  15. It creates lasting memories and allows you to feel part of something bigger than yourself, whether competing locally with your teammates, or getting to travel the world representing your country.
  16. Being in synchro gives you many opportunities for your future, including career possibilities and other extraordinary experiences that help you grow as a person!

Did we miss your top reason? Leave a comment below.

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