10 Tips for a Positive Body Image - by Global Ambassador Aino

Love Your Body - written by Global Synchro Ambassador from Finland, Aino Palosuo  |  Published April 20, 2024

"Body image is something a lot of athletes and skaters struggle with.

Here are some things that have helped me with my body image and things that I hoped somebody would have told me growing up:

• The size tag on your clothes or costume doesn’t define you or tell you how good of a skater you are.
• There is no right kind of body for athletes or skaters.
• Synchronized skating requires skaters who can lift, be lifted and those who can do both parts.
• Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is an individual and everyone has their
own strengths.
• You don’t win, lose or get marks based on your appearance, but your skills.
• I’m able to do amazing and demanding things thanks to my strong body and physique.
• Be proud and grateful for your body. It’s doing its best.

Let’s leave each other’s bodies and the commenting on them alone.” 
In addition, top athletes and coaches in our community shared these 3 tips for developing a positive body image:
"Make sure the people you follow on social media represent / feature different body types. All are beautiful!"
"Write down positive affirmations about your body every day, and repeat them."
"Do not compare yourself to your taller or shorter teammates, flyer or base!"

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