What is a "Synchro Gala" anyway?

With the 2016-2017 season well underway, Canadian synchro teams are beginning to debut this season’s programs. Ontario and Quebec continue to build some of Canada’s top synchro clubs, and this year is no exception. OTM is excited to support local teams this autumn, and talk to members of the synchro community about what it means to be a part of the OneTeamMVMT.

Fall galas have become somewhat of a tradition in Canadian synchro. Contrary to how they may sound, they do not involve black ties, gowns, or fancy cocktails. No, these annual ice shows are held in local rinks, and attendees are more likely to show up in winter parkas. These galas give synchro clubs the opportunity to debut new programs among a friendly crowd of family and friends, while allowing teams to get out their first-performance jitters and simulate a competitive environment prior to the official start of the synchro competition season. For some, these galas also act as a much-needed fundraising event, where teams can bring in revenue from admission fees and silent auction proceeds, as well as bake sales and merchandise sales.

These seasonal debuts also often serve a greater purpose: to bring regional teams together in a friendly way to celebrate the beginning of a new season and showcase synchronized skating in the local community. At OneTeamMVMT, we support the ideals and principles that continue to make fall galas a favourite among the synchro community– and what better way to embody these values than by attending such local events.

Canadian synchro talent continues to grow, and OTM is excited to support three local clubs as they debut their 2016-2017 programs:

Gold Ice Gala
Saturday November 19th @ 7:00pm
Cassie Campbell Community Centre
1050 Sandalwood Parkway West, Brampton

NEXXICE Holiday Gala
Saturday November 19th @ 4:00pm and 6:30pm
Mainway Arena
4015 Mainway, Burlington

Ice Fyre Annual Ice Show

Sunday November 20th @ 1:00pm
Iroquois Park
500 Victoria St W, Whitby

Please come find OTM representatives as we cheer on these local clubs in their season debuts! We will also have our signature t-shirts available for sale and will be able to answer any questions you may have about OneTeamMVMT and how you can get involved to help us UNITE, DEVELOP, SUPPORT, and PROMOTE the sport of synchronized skating through OneTeamMVMT in Canada, and across the world. We look forward to meeting you and good luck as the 2016-2017 Canadian synchro season officially gets underway!

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