Our Volunteers

At OneTeamMVMT, we believe that Aristotle said it best; "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

Our synchro community can be powerful beyond measure, if we apply our voices and individual skills toward a common goal. As an organization, we rely on the contribution of our volunteers, to continue growing synchro & OneTeamMVMT globally.

We thank those who volunteer for OneTeamMVMT, in the name of synchronized skating. We believe that as we continue to work as a collective whole, the sport gets closer and closer to having its Olympic moment.


To our current volunteer and consultant team who supports OneTeamMVMT : We Thank You!

Elodie Achéron - Coach, Technical Specialist, Quebec
Kathy Hall - Coach, Ontario
Kristin Anderson - Lawyer, New York
Jannika Lilja - Coach, North Carolina
Victoria Smith - Professional Figure Skater & Coach, Ontario
Stephanie Girvan - Technical Specialist, Ontario
Annika H - High School Student, Passionate Skater, USA
Kathleen C - High School Student, Passionate Skater, Newfoundland
Ashleigh Renard - Synchro + Life Coach, Philadelphia
Ellie van Soest - Team Manager, Netherlands
Candy Mulder - Winterfest Cup chair, Belgium 
Katrina Cotterrall - Coach, Great Britain
Barb Aikman-Jones - Synchro Enthusiast, Ontario
Nicole Buddie - Synchronized Skater, Crystallettes USA
Victoria Buddie - Synchronized Skater, Crystallettes USA
Molly Farber - Synchronized Skater, Les Suprêmes Senior