6 Synchro Exhibitions You Missed This Holiday Season

Outdoor skating and synchronized skating performances

Many past and current skaters find themselves drawn back to the ice during the holidays. In many Northern countries, we are lucky enough to take our passion outside; a stark contrast to the countless hours we spend training inside frigid arenas.

For many teams, the holiday season not only signals the beginning of the competitive season, but also a number of exhibitions that publicize what synchro and skating are all about. Here are six holiday shows that took place in the U.S., Russia, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Croatia.

1. UNITED STATES | Haydenettes

The Haydenettes of the Boston area exemplify what it means to enjoy skating during the holidays. The senior US competitive synchro team recently starred in an outdoor ice show at the 2016 tree-lighting skate-tacular at Bryant Park near New York City. The show featured the talented Haydenettes alongside Johnny Weir, Javier Fernandez, Kimmie Meissner, and Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. Watch as they bring the holidays to life on ice:

Team Page: http://www.haydensynchroteams.com/#ad-image-0


Ballet on Ice AMAS is a leading sports ballet in Moscow, performing many times over the holiday. Here they are pictured performing at Red Square for a charity event for Lifeline (http://www.life-line.ru/eng/) which helps gives ill children a chance to recover and return to normal life, by making expensive medical assistance accessible for all children.

Team Page: http://www.amasiceballet.com

3. GERMANY | United Angels

The United Angels performed in the opening night of City on Ice, an event full of holiday music, beautiful holiday decorations, and plenty of costumes. What a lovely opportunity for this team to show the hard work they have put into their programs this season!

Team Page –> http://www.united-angels.de

4. JAPAN | Jingu Ice Messengers

The skaters of Jingu Ice Messengers performed a Christmas Exhibition for spectators from near and far at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

See the performance here –>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14TNABXcpxg


5. POLAND | Ice Fire

Team Ice Fire Gdańsk Junior and Novice performed for a crowd, under the stars!

Team Page: http://skf.iceskater.pl


6. CROATIA | Zagreb Snowflakes

100 skaters from 8 teams took to the ice in Ledeni Park for the opening ceremony this holiday season. From the senior team to the beginner team (and every team in between!), these skaters gave over 3000 spectators a glimpse of the magic that is synchronized skating.

Team Page: https://zagrebsnowflakes.com


Did we miss one? Do you have details on any of these events? Contact us through our website to let us know!


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