Virtual Season Sequel : Off-Ice Classes for Synchro

OneTeamMVMT - Virtual Season Sequel


Has lockdown got your spirits down? Let us lift you UP with our virtual development classes, for synchro skaters and teams around the world!

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After over 600 participants left hundreds of positive reviews on our 5-week virtual season kick-off program offered in collaboration with Skate Canada, we decided we needed to keep offering these classes to support our community through these challenging times.

No ice? NO PROBLEM! Our virtual off-ice classes are taught by passionate and knowledgable instructors from around the world, who are dedicated to helping you develop as a skater, no matter what your current circumstances are.

Our classes are offered in English, with French Translations available for each class.

On this page, you'll find program details, such as registration links, the schedule, fees, instructor bios & class curriculum!

*Team/Club registration is for groups of 10 or more skaters, being registered by their coach or team manager*



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The times for classes are subject to change. Participants have access to the ON-DEMAND classes, so that even if changes are necessary (in our schedule, or yours!), no one misses a class. While it is our intention to keep the classes at the following times (listed below), there may be situations that arise that force the class time to be changed.

Saturday DC sessions are scheduled for 5pm GMT
This relates to: 9am Pacific (Vancouver/California)
12pm Eastern (NYC/Toronto)
5pm UK
6pm Central Europe
7pm Eastern Europe


Wednesday FFM sessions are scheduled for either 11pm* OR 12am GMT
This relates to: 3pm* or 4pm Pacific (Vancouver/California)
6pm* or 7pm Eastern (NYC/Toronto)
7am* or 8am W.Australia
10am* or 11am in Sydney Australia
12pm* or 1pm in Auckland NZ
NOTE: Classes on weeks 1, 2, and 5 will be held at the later time listed above, while classes on weeks 3 & 4 (during the "Christmas Holiday") will be held an hour earlier*.




Turn your 60 minute class into a 90 minute class!
Since 60 minutes of flexibility training flies by (once you factor in warm-up, muscle activation/relaxation, and finally, stretching + strengthening for field moves), we are offering a 30-minute specialty class add-on, following each 60-minute class, where skaters can get additional help on specific skating moves (ie stretches for y-stands/standing splits, training and improving a Biellmann, etc). You do not have to be an advanced skater to take advantage of the specialty class; it will help you whether you are trying to get your spiral above 90 degrees, OR trying to achieve an over-split in your split jumps (or anywhere in between). The additional cost for the specialty 30-minute add-on is $12.50 USD/skater, for 5 weeks.
 NOTE you must be enrolled in the regular 60-minute class to join the 30-minute specialty class. The specialty class will be held immediately following the regular class. You will be able to watch it ON-DEMAND if you register for this additional option.



Are you "good enough" for private lessons? YES! How do we know? Because there is no such thing as being good enough for private lessons. Whether you are an adult skater wanting to improve your spiral position while reducing your risk of injury (let's be honest, it's not as simple as a coach shouting "get your leg higher!" and this misconception is where a lot of injuries come from), or you're a competitive skater with a field move that just isn't as good as you'd like it to be, private lessons and personal attention from our flexibility coaches can and will help you!

When you register for our Virtual Season Sequel, you can add on 30 or 60 minute private lessons with our instructors. After you register, you will be connected with the instructor to coordinate a time that works for your schedule.




Based on signing up for 1 theme (DC or FFM) including 5 weeks of classes:

  • $25/skater, for individuals ($5/class)
  • $15/skater, when registering 10-16 participants ($3/class)
  • $250/team, when registering 17-20 participants
  • $12.50/skater, when registering 21 or more participants, in 1 registration

Canadian teams are subject to HST or 5% GST

We are also excited to announce a new SUPER CLUB discount, for large groups signing up for multiple themes. If your club signs up 30 or more skaters under EACH of our Season Sequel Themes (DC & FFM Classes), receive a 15% discount. 



  • Drop-In Pricing (NEW!): $15/class
  • Individuals: For the 90 minute FFM class which includes the 60-minute regular class ($25) PLUS the 30-minute specialty add-on class ($12.50), you pay a total of $37.50 USD ($7.50/class).
  • Teams/Clubs of 10 or more: For the 90 minute FFM class which includes the 60-minute regular class PLUS the 30-minute specialty add-on class, simply add $1.50 per skater, per class ($7.50 for the 5 weeks) to cover the additional 30 minutes.



To complete your team/club registration of 10+ skaters, coaches/managers should prepare the following information, as it required on the registration form:

  1. Which theme(s) are you signing up for, and for how many skaters?
  2. You'll need to enter the participants' names, contact email, and team/club name & level under the theme you are signing them up for.
  3. We will send a follow-up registration form for each of your skaters' parent/guardian to complete ASAP.


SK8MIX / Studio Unisons x OneTeamMVMT giveaway

NEW: when you register for our Virtual Season Sequel, you can enter your name into a draw to win one of two $250 Gift Certificate to work with SK8MIX on creating your next program! SK8MIX is proud to work with skaters of all levels and disciplines, and wants to help YOU bring your musical dreams to life!



INSTRUCTORS : Dance & Choreography

Tracy Phillips : Dec 5, 2020
Tracy Phillips

Check out Tracy's virtual dance production Pangea Live, with donation-based ticketing;


Tamla Matthews : Dec 12, 2020
OneTeamMVMT - Tamla Matthews DC Virtual Season Sequel

 Sam Chouinard : Dec 19, 2020
OneTeamMVMT - Sam Chouinard DC

Sabrina Bishamber : Jan 2, 2021
OneTeamMVMT - Sabrina Bishamber - Virtual Season Sequel

Jenn Stafford : Jan 9, 2021
Jenn Stafford



INSTRUCTORS : Flexibility & Field Moves

Lauren Skopal : Dec 9 & 16, 2020

Lauren Skopal


Nobahar Dadui : Dec 30 & Jan 6, 2021

Nobahar Dadui


Melanie Jenkins : Jan 13, 2021

Melanie Jenkins