Season Kickoff - Virtual Off-Ice for Synchronized Skating in October

Time to kick off this season with power, passion and skills! We know how difficult the current situation is for many teams in the synchro skating world, which is why we have been working hard to launch the newest program for you and your teams! This month, we are giving you the opportunity to pre-register for virtual training sessions, so that you can train remotely with your team! Work on different skills and help your team excel in synchronized skating and stay motivated with new and exciting lessons weekly! 

Not sure of your schedule yet? No problem! While skaters will have the opportunity to attend sessions LIVE, they will also be able to watch the recordings at ANY point within the 5 weeks, after the class is delivered! This On-Demand option offers ultimate flexibility, so that no matter what you have going on, you can participate in the class at your own convenience.

For coaches who register in September, we will work with you to create an off-ice program that considers your needs. If we are unable to create a suitable solution by Sept 30, we will refund you all paid fees!


Participant Type  Per Skater Breakdown 5-Week Total Owed
Single Skater $5/session;
$25/5 weeks
Team (10 skaters) $3/session;
$15/5 weeks
Team (11 skaters) $3/session;
Team (12 skaters) $3/session;
Team (13 skaters) $3/session;
Team (14 skaters) $3/session; $210
Team (15 skaters) $3/session $225
Team (16 skaters) $3/session $240
Team (17 skaters) $2.94/session;
$14.70/5 weeks
Team (18 skaters) $2.78/session;
$13.90/5 weeks
Team (19 skaters) $2.63/session; 
$13.15/5 weeks
Team (20 skaters) $2.50/session;
$12.50/5 weeks
Team (more than 20) $2.50/session
$12.50/5 weeks
Calculated by $2.50 X # of skaters

 *All prices are in USD*

  • Coaches attend free; 1 coach per 10 registered skaters*
  • All skaters on a team must sign up for the SAME class in order to receive the corresponding discount. If team members wish to sign up for additional classes, they can do so at their discounted team rate.
  • A reminder; the above chart outlines the fees owed to OneTeamMVMT, but you may wish to charge your skaters more. For example, if you charge your skaters $5/session, over the 5 week program, you could raise anywhere from $100 (based on 10 skaters) to $250 (based on 20 skaters) to support your synchro program with future classes, guest coaches, ice-time, a covid-relief fund, etc! 

FAQ Video: 

Sign up today & get FREE access to our September to Remember trial class, for you and each skater signing up from your team - $5 value, per access!