About OneTeamMVMT

Why OTM?

Synchronized skating is a unique blend of artistry, athleticism and team sport — something that is very rare in the sporting world. While we know this fact within the synchro community, we felt it was time to advocate for the sport's growth, and help more people to discover its beauty and power. Enter OneTeamMVMT, where building and popularizing the sport is our primary goal. We want more people to engage in this dynamic sport and participate in healthy active living for life.


Where is OTM based?

OneTeamMVMT founded by a dedicated group of retired synchronized skaters and parents. Collectively, they shared such a passion for synchro that they wanted to find a way to give back to the sport for the sake of present and future skaters. We are a globally-minded organization, and we were granted Federal not-for-profit status in Canada November 2016. 

Who is OTM run by?

OneTeamMVMT is currently overseen by a an elected board of volunteers, and managed by an international team of over 30 individuals. Our worker bees include current and former synchro skaters, coaches, parents, and professionals who share their expertise in order to elevate synchronized skating, worldwide.


How do I become a part of OTM?

  • Purchase an OTM t-shirt for yourself and/or your team. Wear it proudly, and be prepared with an answer, for when you get asked "What is OneTeamMovement?" **cue the synchro-education moment!*
  • Participate in our world-class synchro development camps, for skaters and coaches
  • Become an Event Ambassador; contact us to learn how you can bring OneTeamMVMT to your next local competition!
  • Join our Global Synchro Network to volunteer to assist on projects within our organization, and be the first to know about upcoming initiatives from OTM!
  • If you are a senior skater, contact us (email ambassadors@oneteammvmt.org) to learn about what our Global Synchro Ambassadors do for the sport, and apply to join our team!