August Virtual Off-Ice Classes for Synchronized Skating


Skaters around the world are looking for ways to continue their training during the pandemic. We know the disappointment faced by synchro skaters around the world, who aren't able to skate or attend their normal training sessions. That is why we are offering virtual off-ice training sessions, to inspire and motivate synchronized skaters and coaches around the world! Learn from top athletes and other experts in synchronized skating, who know what it takes to reach the senior level in synchronized skating, and how to train effectively off-ice, to improve on-ice skills.

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Whether you are back on the ice and looking to improve your skills, or your rink remains closed and you want to keep your skills sharp, we will help you use your time effectively, to make you a stronger skater and athlete.

Receive personalized feedback in classes which focus on specific areas like flexibility and field moves, skating skills and turns, synchro-specific fitness, and expression+performance. Each Saturday, we'll be continuing with free sessions for synchro skaters and fans - do not miss out!

Each class will have a main instructor (get to know them below!) and Teaching Assistants to provide extra feedback in class. Because of the limited class sizes, we anticipate that classes will fill up FAST. Kindly note: any class with fewer than 7 registrations is subject to cancellation (in which case participants can transfer their enrolment to another class or receive a refund).

Classes will be delivered LIVE over zoom, and participants will have access to view the recording, for personal use, for 7 days following their class.

BUY 3 OR MORE, SAVE 10%! Individual classes are $20 USD or $14 for the age 8-12 and coach seminars. These prices are inclusive of all taxes and fees. The link to register is below!


For the class calendar below, you can click on it to view/save an enlarged option.

Kindly note:

  • All class times are listed in EST (which is the timezone in Toronto/NYC).
  • Classes are colour-coded; green for coaches, blue for age 8-12, purple for 13-17, orange for 18-30ish. Coaches may also register for skater classes for the age-range they teach.
  • Registration closes the day before class starts.
  • Access is flexible! You'll be able to view class recordings for personal use, for 7 days after the class (great for those unable to attend live)
  • BONUS classes on weekends are free for anyone to attend!
  • Classes are subject to cancellation if there are fewer than 7 participants in a class
  • NEW: combined classes (13-17 and 18-30ish) on Aug 5 and Aug 17

(we will update this section as more questions come in)...

Classes are grouped by age ranges; 8-12, 13-17, and 18-30 (adult).
The class age ranges are set to manage expectations and keep people grouped by maturity level and approximate skill-level, while ensuring that all participants have great experiences in their classes! That said, if you have a mature 6-year old at home who you feel would fit in with an 8-12 class... or if you are an 18 year-old who is willing to join a 13-17 class with 13 year-olds... or if you're 40 years old but can keep up with 20 year-olds in the 18-30 class... you can sign up for classes at your own discretion.
For further clarification: the 13-17 group is for mid-level skaters at the pre-novice, novice, intermediate, and similar levels; skaters at the junior/senior levels can participate in this group, but should be advised that the class is not specifically designed for their elite level.
The 18-30 group is for “adult skaters" which may include collegiate skaters (US), open skaters (Canada), adult skaters, and similar levels. Junior and senior skaters may wish to participate in this group, but should be advised that the class will not be specifically designed for your elite level. Adults over 30 are always welcome to join this group, but should be advised that the class instruction will be tailored to the 18-30 age range.

All classes will be taught live over zoom. All participants must be prepared to have their videos turned ON for all classes, so that the instructors can watch and provide feedback. All class participants will have access to the instructional video, for personal use only, for 7 days after their class. All classes will be capped at approximately 25 skaters. All participants must accept and consent to their video being recorded in the class.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure they have a large enough space (approx. 3 metres by 3 metres, or more) which is free from tripping hazards and other obstructions, for the off-ice classes. It is also each participant’s responsibility to ensure they have been cleared to participate in exercise by their physician or a medical professional, to inform their instructor of any injury/limitations before class, and to participate within their physical capacities. OneTeamMVMT and its instructors will not be liable for any injuries sustained as a result of your participation in this program, and all participants must sign and accept our liability waiver and release forms prior to admission into the class (this is mandatory).

If you have more than one skater in your household, and they are around the same age, they can attend class together on the same device, for no additional fee. If your skaters fall into different age categories or have very different skill levels, we recommend signing each skater up for their own classes.

Registration for each session will CLOSE at 8am EST, on the morning BEFORE the scheduled class. At this time, all participants will be sent the ZOOM link for the class, as well as any required materials for their session.

As we test out this new initiative as a pilot program, we know it won’t be perfect, but we will adjust and make improvements over time. Here are some of the considerations that we already have in the pipeline, and will explore if our initial launch is successful:

  1. Offering more classes in different time-zones so that everyone can participate. For the time being, most of the classes are in the mornings (suitable for North America and Europe; the majority of our audience), with a few classes held in the early mornings & evenings (to cater to Australasia participants, as well as skaters in North America).
  2. Offering off-ice classes to full teams, at a reduced price. If you are a coach that is interested in this, please contact
  3. Offering more classes for different levels/groups of people, and on more diverse topics.
  4. Offering a “view-later” option for people wanting to participate in a certain class but unable to, due to time zones
  5. Offering unlimited monthly access to classes, with more financially-accessible pricing
  6. Hosting all off-ice classes on a membership-based website, so that everything can be accessed in 1 place.
  7. Launching a Grant program for skaters who require financial assistance to pursue this training (NOW AVAILABLE!)



We are very excited to bring you classes taught by our enthusiastic and energetic team of instructors, who have been busy during COVID-19, training skaters and teams over zoom. In this section, you will find promotional videos and class descriptions for classes taught by our August instructor team, including: Dominic Barthe (CAN), Lisa Carriere (CAN), Emma Daigle (CAN), Kata Junninen (FIN), Lindsay Grajek (USA), Jenni Lehtonen (FIN), Makena Leik (USA), Maikki Merilehto (FIN), Allison Michaela (AUS), Sarah Moss (USA), Eliana Roth (USA), and Victoria Smith (CAN)! You'll also see some other familiar guest faces in classes, including current/former senior skaters: Élodie Achéron, Jordan Alexander, Danielle Broughton, Denika E.D, Elizabeth Hume, Jocelyn Kalkman, Martha Pietrasik, Inka Sirkia, Tara Tahil, Ashlee Wright, and Abigail. 

 Meet Dominic Barthe!

Class Name: Skating Skills for Synchro
Available Classes: Saturday August 8 at 12:00pm EST (adults) and Wednesday August 19 at 11am EST (13-17)
Class Description: In this class, we will work on the positions and movements required in some of the more advanced turns, and learn how to combine them in NHE series.
Dominic's Nickname(s): Dom
Current/Former Team: Former skater on Nova Senior
Interesting Fact: "I have done Ice dancing for 8 years before doing Synchronized skating, and placed 7th at my last national championships in Canada."
For questions, email 

 Meet Lisa Carriere!

Class Name: Strength, Stability, and Style
Available Classes: TBD
Class Description: Get physically prepared for your return to ice, with this synchro-inspired session! The majority of this class will be spent building lower body strength through skating-specific movements. Additional core exercises will focus on building stability for injury prevention and optimal on-ice power. After the workout, a simple piece of choreography will be taught in order to encourage creativity and the exploration of performance quality, by all skaters.
Lisa's Current/Former Team: Former skater on Nexxice Senior, black ice Senior, Fusion Senior, Gold Ice Junior
Interesting Fact: My first year skating senior was 2004, and my last year skating senior was 2016! 
For questions, email 


 Meet Emma Daigle!

Class Name: Strength & Cardio Heat
Available Classes: August 17 at 10:00am (13-17) and August 24 at 10am (18-30ish/adults)
Class Description: Skaters will have fun, and sweat hard in this full body HIIT style fitness class. Through synchro/skating specific strength movements, skaters will build stability and power in both small and larger muscle groups required for skating. Mixed with heart pumping cardio intervals, skaters will improve upon their stamina and overall cardiovascular fitness. Complete with a fun and challenging cardio dance warm up, as well a thorough cool down stretch, this is a well-rounded workout for all skaters!
Emma's Current/Former Team: Current skater on Nexxice Sr.
Interesting Fact: "I was adopted from China!"
For questions, email


 Meet Kata Junninen!

Class Name: Expression and Performance Tools
Available Classes: Intro to Expression & Performance (great for those who tend to feel shy about expression) - Wednesday August 5 at 2pm EST (13-17 and 18-30ish combined), Evolving with Expression and Performance - Thursday August 20 at 12pm EST (13-17), COACH SESSION: Getting your Skaters to Express and Perform - Monday August 31 at 3:30 pm
Class Description: In this class we’re going to learn about what truly makes an amazing performance, and different ways you can approach those aspects while feeling confident and having so much fun! We’ll go over what factors you can use to express yourself and then practice putting them into action with a few excercises. Throughout the class the main thing we’ll focus on, is fun! Because performing can be scary sometimes, but never when you have friends to hype you up!
Kata's Current/Former Team: Skyliners Senior 
Interesting Fact: "I’ve skated in 3 countries, and now study acting in New York."
For questions, email


 Meet Lindsay Grajek!

Class Name:
 Getting Fit in Synch
Available Classes: Thursday August 6, 10am EST (13-17)
Class Description: To be the best synchro skater and teammate possible, an athlete needs to be strong in every aspect of fitness. In our session we will focus on exercises that target the muscles senior skaters use everyday to help create effortless speed and flow. We will also learn exercises that help increase flexibility while lengthening our lines. After this hour you will have certainly earned an extra cheat sweet! 💪
Lindsay's Current/Former Team: Former skater on Hockettes & Haydenettes. Current Head Coach of the Hockettes Junior Team
Interesting Fact: "I was a 7 time National Champion, 4 time World Medalist and the girl who did the front flip in the 2013 Cha Cha Haydenette long program! I was also one of the skaters who helped develop the Dynasty Blade."
For questions, email 


 Meet Jenni Lehtonen! 

Class Name:
Dance, Strength, & Interpretation
Available Classes: August 11 at 12pm (8-12) and August 13 at 10am (13-17)
Class Description: During this class we will learn a dance routine that combines dancing, strength training, active stretching and performing! You will have a great chance to practice performing and interpreting the music while executing both technical strength training movements and fun dance moves. This is exactly what need for synchronized skating - making even the most difficult and technical elements look easy and impressive!  
Jenni's Nickname(s): My team and coaches always call me Jefe
Current/Former Team: Senior skater, Team Unique (Helsinki, Finland) since 2015.
Interesting Fact: "I started skating in 2005 and have been doing synchro since 2006. Before auditioning for Team Unique in 2015, I skated in a smaller club just outside Helsinki. Besides skating, I also study in the University of Helsinki and in about two months, I will graduate as a Bachelor of English linguistics with a minor in communication."
For questions, email 


 Meet Makenna Leik!

Class Name: Stretching & Strengthening for Field Moves
Available Classes: TBC
Class Description: In this class skaters will learn flexibility and control geared toward field moves (spiral, 175, biellmann). They will also learn several strengthening exercises to help build the muscles used during these elements. 
Makenna's Nickname(s): Kenna, Mak
Current/Former Team: Miami Senior, USA (this season will be my second season on the team). Prior to Miami, I skated for the Northernettes in Minneapolis, MN for two seasons on a Junior level team.
Interesting Fact: "I have competed in four different discipline of figure skating (freestyle, ice dance, solo dance, and synchro). Also, my home rink in Minnesota is one of the largest sports complexes in the world, we have eight full sheets of ice under one roof!"
For questions, email 

 Meet Maikki Merilehto!

Class Name
: Skating Skills Synchro Skaters
Available Classes: Wednesday August 26 at 12pm EST (13-17)
Class Description: In this class, skaters will be developing their "top line" to assist in strong, effortless skating in synchro. We will also be working on knee and ankle rhythm drills for off the ice, which is an important skill to work on, to increase speed, flow, and balance on the ice.
Current/Former Team: Skated on Marigold Ice Unity, coached with Lexettes USA and current coach of Lumineers (FIN)
Interesting Facts: "I was a guest coach at the OneTeamMVMT camp in North Carolina in 2019, and loved meeting athletes from across North America. The photo (above) was taken on the last day of camp - that's me being lifted by 3 Team USA skaters!"
For questions, email


 Meet Allison Michaela!

Class Name
: Stretch & Rest Yoga for Synchro Skaters
Available Classes: Monday August 17 at 7:00pm EST (13-30ish)
Class Description: Flow through this yoga class, while relaxing, and tuning into your body to release tension that is holding back your flexibility! Gentle yet effective, this class is the perfect way to slow down and balance out the intense training associated with skating!
Current/Former Team: Team Unity Senior (Australia)
Interesting Facts: "Originally from Canada, I moved to Australia and competed with Team Unity at the 2018 Senior World Championships in Sweden. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder 3 months before our team competed at Nationals, and it was yin yoga that helped me manage through these challenging times! I am now proud founder of AMK (@movewithamk_), and get to bring yoga to the current skaters on Team Unity. I also love running and am an ultra trail runner!"
For questions, email

 Meet Sarah Moss!

Class Name
: Skating Skill, Strength, & Flexibility
Available Classes: Wednesday August 5 at 12pm EST (13-17)
Class Description: This NEW class will focus on improving important aspects of your skating skills such as posture, extensions, and undercuts by doing specific off-ice drills for cross-overs, which are sure to build strength! Once our legs are warm, we'll move into stretching and working on field moves!
Sarah's Nickname(s): Moss
Current/Former Team: Miami University Senior
Interesting Facts: "This is my 4th year on Miami Senior USA, and 2nd year as a US Figure Skating DREAM Program Member. I've competed at the Leon Lurje Trophy in Sweden for 3 seasons in a row, and have lived in Japan, Germany & USA!"
For questions, email


 Meet Eliana Roth!

Class Name: Deep Stretches for Skaters
Available Classes: Monday August 31 at 5:00pm (age 13-17)
Class Description: 
In this class, we will stretch every part of our bodies, including our feet! We will start with a yoga-infused warm up and then work into deep stretches focused on improving our field moves! During class, be prepared to stretch muscles that have never been stretched before. After class, I hope you will walk away feeling more flexible than when we started and, even better, with new stretches to add to your off-ice routines!
Current/Former Team: Haydenettes Alumni 2013-2017
Interesting Facts: "I’ve skated for 5 different Synchro organizations and have competed as a Team USA athlete in more than a dozen countries!"
For questions, email 


 Meet Victoria Smith!

Class Name:
 The Art of Performance and Skating Skills
Available Classes: Tuesday August 11, 10am EST (13-17)
Class Description: This class will focus on three pillars of performance: power, edge control, and theatre.  Skaters will leave with strategies and techniques designed to augment their realm of control.  Skaters who perform within their realm of control produce consistent performances, capture audiences, and ENJOY themselves on the ice!
Victoria's Nickname(s): VS
Current/Former Team: NEXXICE Senior Alumni, Gold Ice Junior Alumni
Interesting Fact: "I am a 2015 world synchronized skating champion"
For questions, email 


Are you as excited as we are?! We sure hope so. With limited spaces available per class, classes will fill up FAST. Head over to registration to secure your spot now!