8 months in: Catch up with OTM!

An Update from OneTeamMVMT

With the end of the 2016-2017 season just around the corner, we want to reach out to you directly – the OneTeamMVMT community – to let you know what’s been going on behind the scenes.

We started OneTeamMVMT in July 2016 after realizing that there wasn’t any federation or organization exclusively supporting or advocating on behalf of synchronized skating. This is not to say the sport doesn’t see support from the ISU, national skating federations and local clubs, because it absolutely does! Overall, synchronized skating doesn’t get the widespread publicity, support, or funding that could help elevate it on the world stage; there is a lot we can do as a community to improve this reality.

Our mission when we started this not-for-profit was to create an organization that bonded the synchro world as “One Team.” After all, we truly are stronger together.

If we could succeed in getting strong support behind us within the synchro community, it would prove two things, 1) we were serving an unmet need and 2) with the support of the synchro world behind us, we could start to expand out of the “synchro bubble” i.e. begin to reach out to people outside of our immediate community and attract more awareness, more funding, and more support for synchro.  

Your Support & Encouragement Has Been Amazing!

Since starting up only eight months ago, we have been joyously overwhelmed by your positive support and encouragement.

Within our eight months of operation, we’ve sold over 1000 t-shirts to synchro skaters & supporters across the world. From Canada to Australia and Japan, it’s your support that has made our synchro-focused not-for-profit what it is today.

Not only this, but you are proud to be a part of the MVMT. We see your videos and pictures on social media, and are fuelled by your enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Because of your support, we are inspired to work harder on your behalf, to make OneTeamMVMT the success story we know it is and will continue to be.

What Is OneTeamMVMT Doing With The Funds It Has Made So Far?

As a not-for-profit organization, all individuals involved in OTM are working on a volunteer-basis, and our proceeds from t-shirt sales go back to a number of synchronized skating initiatives. We have big plans for OneTeamMVMT, and we closely monitor every dollar that is spent, to make sure it stretches as far as possible.

We have already donated $1000 and 10 of our T-shirts to a team in The Netherlands as part of our #OneTeam1k giveback, which concluded in November 2016. We have also sold our t-shirts at several events, where we have donated a portion of the proceeds back to the hosting synchro organizations. In addition, the growth of OneTeamMVMT has attracted sponsors, which have afforded us the opportunity to create materials such as our popular “I love synchro because…” posters, which you have likely seen filling the walls of competition venues around the world. Our biggest giveback to date, has been our time. As a fully volunteer-based organization, our committee has donated over 1000 hours of manpower to building this organization on a solid foundation, so that it can continue to flourish for years to come!

While we are based in Canada, we are focused on our mission to serve the global synchro community – which is why you’ve likely seen Lisa, Founder of OneTeamMVMT, on social or in person, visiting teams across Canada and attending International competitions like the French Cup. Don’t worry, we aren’t spending OTM money on her flights; Lisa is a synchro consultant and works with various teams internationally. While she's on the road visiting teams, she is always on the lookout for places she can bring OTM, to expand our impact globally. As for OTM funds: they are safely held in a business account to fund the 2017/2018 initiatives and beyond.

We have set aside time during the Spring and Summer to formally plan, and begin to execute some amazing things for you, the synchro community. While we have a number of exciting initiatives in the works to help grow the sport, we are always open to ideas. What would you like to see us achieve within the next year? Five years? What would you like to see the funds support? Email us at oneteammvmt@gmail.com or tag us on Facebook or instagram. Remember, this MVMT is for you, and we want to be the best possible advocates for the global synchro community.

What’s Next For OneTeamMVMT?

With just eight months under our belts, our mission is still predominantly focused on gaining more support within the synchro community. The more synchro skaters, parents, judges and fans that we have on board, the bigger impact we can make as an organization to benefit the sport as a whole. With this in mind, we hope to see even more teams making our OneTeamMVMT T-shirts part of their team wardrobe in the 2017-2018 season! We have already heard that some teams are including the OTM t-shirt in their annual budget for next season, which is a great sign that our MVMT is continuing to grow! We still dream of having every synchro team outfitted in OTM Tees, and hope to one day, make that a reality!

To help grow our MVMT further and get more teams involved, we have identified the need for more education on who we are, what we are doing, and why we exist. Those of you who have joined the MVMT understand what we are all about, but we have a long way to go before we can get the whole community on board. The best thing we can do is provide transparency and education, and it starts with blog posts like this, and face-t0-face conversations at events.

To spread awareness of our movement, we had a booth at the Junior World Championships where 400 signs lined the concourse walls, all sharing hand-written notes of why our community loves synchro. We also had our global flashmob played during the event, and had conversations about OTM with ISU officials, coaches, skaters, and fans during the event.

The 2017 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships will be held in Colorado Springs, United States April 7 – 8 at the Broadmoore World Arena, where we will be set up to provide fun activities to promote a positive sporting culture, and talk to people about the OneTeamMVMT.

If you would like to purchase t-shirts at Senior Worlds, we will not be selling them on-site but you can submit an order to pick up in Colorado by emailing oneteammvmt@gmail.com!

Here are some exciting ideas OneTeamMVMT is working on bringing to life in the coming months and years:

    • An online seminar that gives both practical coaching and technical advice on how to get elements called and score better GOEs. We recognize that in many circumstances, technical resources are scarce. This initiative will provide equal access to education for all.
    • A development camp that will have elite coaches teach synchro elements and skills. The idea is to provide a subsidized camp and involve skaters who would not normally have access to these kinds of resources.
    • Work with national skating federations to develop better systems for promoting and supporting the growth of synchro.
    • Work with teams to help them develop marketing tools to help secure funding and sponsorships.
    • Bring on international ambassadors to have a local OneTeamMVMT expert and advocate on the ground in each country/region, and to spread awareness of OneTeamMVMT through word-of-mouth in their community
    • Run more contests over social media like #OneTeam1K to continue to giveback to our loyal and supportive synchro community!

From the Bottom of Our Hearts, Thank You

We are overwhelmed by the positive support of our early adopters within the  synchro community. It not only affirms our mission, but gives us hope that this is truly a unique sport that deserves to be featured on the world stage, and a sport that OneTeamMVMT is actively working to promote, support, develop, and unite.

Thank you for your support, your love, and your encouragement. We are working early mornings and late nights to do right by you. Stay tuned for exciting things to come!

With gratitude,

The OneTeamMVMT Committee

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